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Buy Rule :


Buy above 2( two )  point from the high of the signal candle this rule for only nifty.

( e.g. Nifty high Price 8000 @  signal candle , so can place  buy order @ 8003.  this is sure buy confirmation.) 

If you trade any future stock you can buy the signal candle of high.

Short rule : 

short 1

Short ( 2 )two point below the low of signal candle this rule for only nifty.

( e.g.  Nifty low  price 8000 @  signal candle, so you can place  short order  @ 7997. This is short confirmation.  

If you trade any future stock you can short the signal candle of low.

Sideways Direction : 


How to identify sideways trend ?

Many stars indicate to may be sideways direction for this day.

If you have already taken buy or short  position , and after that many stars appear , you may book profit @ intraday and exit the position. You can trade again next day as per trading system on fresh signal.


Rule No 4 :

If you have hold buy or short position as per trading system, you can continue up-to three days as per long or short. To avoid the risks. This rule for only nifty and banknifty


Profit Booking: You can book profit as per Fibonacci level given in box. 


But as per system rule we change position if any reversal signal found. We are not maintaining  any stop loss. 

But you can use stop loss level near demand or supply level. See ex. given below


This System is more profitable for  Nifty, Banknifty ,  and  crude oil .

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