By | October 20, 2017

If after saving through other high return instruments such as SCSS, you are left with enough cash, you can earn good enough returns from short-term debt mutual funds with growth option.

Advantage of SWP in such an investment

As per your need, you by opting for the Systematic withdrawal plan can opt for the scheme to withdraw the amount as required.

Also, low taxation and interest returns at par with bank fixed deposits shall be available.

Interest on bank fixed deposits is deducted by some amount in case the redemption is made before the maturity of the deposit.

For higher returns, senior citizens can also consider investments in equity saving schemes with 15-25% stake in equities. The return shall also be able to offset inflation impact and for taxation purposes, such investments shall be treated as equity savings schemes.

So depending on your investment plan, objectives as well as risk taking capacity, you can map out the best investment plan for yourself.

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